Professional Utah Roofers Prioritize Safety as Much as Getting the Job Done

Sometimes, you can spot a roofer’s skills by looking at how safely he completes his work. Without the right safety gear, a roofer can get broken limbs and severe concussions if he’s lucky – as falling off a roof has worse consequences. Try observing Utah roofers carefully and take note of any safety breach, if any at all. In November 2011, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released a list of the top ten violations many laborers commit. Some of them may not be directly related to roofing but others surely are, such as the following two items. Fall… Read More

Utah Roofing Materials: Achieving Longevity, Recyclability, and Affordability

Metal roofs last for 30 to 50 years, while asphalt shingle roofs last for 17 years. If there is one thing a homeowner requires from a roof, it is durability. According to Certainteed, an asphalt manufacturer, “the severity of the roof environment” can cause a one-year-old roof to look extremely different from a newly installed one. The lifespan of your roof, whether it is made of metal or asphalt, depends on the quality of the Utah roofing materials that you used. Utah, the 34th most populous state in the U.S., has a climate that is classified as semiarid to arid.… Read More

Selecting a Contractor That Offers Roof Repair Utah Residents Can Count On

Roofs are designed to withstand the ravages of nature; they are your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Built from materials that can endure rain, snow, wind, and sun, roofs are built to last for at least 15 years. But no matter how tough your roof material is, excessive wear and tear will take its toll at some point, and you need to have your roof repaired or replaced. Roof jobs are among the most expensive home renovation projects. The price of materials and the difficulty in installation validates the high cost of roof replacements and repairs. It’s… Read More

Roof Repair Salt Lake City: The Benefits of Rubber Roofing for Your Home

The experts in roof repair Salt Lake City residents prefer like S&S Roofing are familiar with the disadvantages of using traditional asphalt shingles on low-pitched or flat roofs. Shingles need a little help from gravity to be effective against leaks. Roof shingles are generally constructed in an overlapping manner so that water flows downward and does not accumulate on the roof.  With flat roofs, water can build up and seep in through the shingle seams. To help create an impenetrable seal that prevents leaks over a flat roof, manufacturers created a roofing material made of rubber. Single-ply rubber roofing is… Read More

S&S Roofing – Park City Roofing

S&S Roofing is a Utah residential and commercial roofing contractor committed to providing you with excellent service in Salt Lake City, Park City, Kamas, Heber and surrounding areas. S&S Roofing offers free estimates on your residential roofing needs. Whether you need a whole new roof or just need a leaky roof repaired, S&S Roofing will provide quality service. S&S Roofing is licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure your home is covered while being worked on. S&S Roofing has over 35 years combined experience in the roofing industry and  is accredited with the Utah Better Business Bureau and has an A… Read More