Maintaining a Well-ventilated and Healthy Attic: Steps Recommended by Roofing Contractors Salt Lake City Homeowners Consult

Try to look at your home from the outside. Stand right in the middle of your lawn and notice how the front of your house seems to have windows for eyes, the front door for a mouth, and maybe the triangular gable over the entrance for the nose. Aside from appearing to have a face, there’s one vital feature of your residence that personifies it—it can breathe. But if you were to ask a roofing contractor Park City residents recommend, they’d be more technical and tell you that a “breathing” house is a “well-ventilated” home.

If you live in an area where winters are cold and snowy, you might feel the need to keep your house sealed by covering attic ventilation ports and insulating the roof deck completely. Though this method could probably cut a few dollars off your utility bill, its effect on the health of your attic is damaging. An attic space without proper vents could ultimately lead to premature deterioration of your roof system, weakening of its structure, and formation of moisture that serves as an ideal breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. Here are a few tips that you must remember to keep your attic in good condition:

Ensure Adequate Ventilation through Attic Vents

There are several types of attic vents such as ridge vents, gable vents, and power vents. The vent size and style your home needs depends on your roof’s configuration and attic dimensions. Vents are very important, especially in the winter when they release warm moist air from your living space thereby preventing condensation.

Seek Professional Consultation

Attic ventilation isn’t accomplished by random placement of openings on your roof. It requires the expertise of roofing contractors Salt Lake City homeowners trust. Skilled roofers, like those employed at S&S Roofing, will calculate the level of intake and exhaust that your home needs. After determining how many and what type of vents your attic needs, they will advise you on what course of action to take as well as guide you throughout the process.

Install a Metal Roof

If you want to augment the moisture-fighting ability of your vents, switching to a metal roof could be a wise move. During a heavy snow fall, ice and snow can accumulate on your roof, obstructing the airflow to the attic and causing poor air circulation. Installing a metal roof prevents ice buildup because snow easily slides off it, thereby keeping your vents open and unblocked.

An attic that can breathe equates to a healthier home. Whether you need vents or a new roof, there are experts in roofing companies Utah locals consult who can answer your inquiries.