Practical Roof Repair Options by Roofing Companies in Utah

Roofs protect homes from extremes in weather and temperature. They need to remain intact despite constant exposure to damaging forces like sunlight, wind, rain, hail, and falling debris. For this reason, it only makes sense to work with the kind of professional roofers Salt Lake City residents hire—like S&S Roofing—for maintenance, repair, or replacement works.

Aside from weather conditions, the intrinsic properties of roofing materials greatly determine the longevity of a roof. For instance, asphalt shingles can last up to 35 years; metal roofs last a little longer, at 40 years; clay tiles remain intact up to 100 years; and slate roofs can last 200 years or even longer.

When choosing roofing materials, it pays to weigh the benefits. For instance, metal roofs are light and easy to install, and help regulate indoor temperatures. Slate roofs, although quite heavy, require minimal maintenance and offer excellent fire protection. But regardless of the material used, roofs inevitably break down and would eventually require repairs or replacement. Read on for some tips on how to go about this essential task.

All-Around Roofing

It is always a good idea to choose roofs that can withstand any type of adverse weather condition. New roof installations can cost anywhere from a couple of thousands to over $20,000; so homeowners would naturally want to maximize the life spans of their roofs.

Local weather patterns must also be considered. For example, metal or asphalt roofs are suitable in cities hardest hit by hurricanes and tornadoes because they can withstand strong winds. Meanwhile, the roofers Utah residents trust would normally advise against installing flat roofs of any material in areas that experience heavy winters since snow could easily accumulate and put undue pressure on the roof.

Roofs in cities like Salt Lake City that experience alternating hot and cold weather are prone to warping and rusting, factors which severely weaken them. Roof damage can lead to moisture problems and leaks inside the house. Necessary roof repairs must, therefore, be conducted at the first sign of trouble.

Repair Options

Roof repairs can either be classified as ‘tear-offs’ or ‘reroofs’. A ‘tear-off’ requires the old parts to be completely replaced with brand-new ones; this is perfect for leaky and old roofs. ‘Reroofing’ involves retaining the existing roof and replacing only parts which have been damaged beyond repair; a roof repair of this type is perfect for recently bought houses. Preventive repairs can also be carried out as soon as roof problems are detected.

In any event, roofing troubles need not go out of control. Salt Lake City residents can count on roofing companies in Utah like S&S Roofing for quality services and materials.