S&S Roofing offers the kind of roof repair Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas need. Since 1981, we’ve been repairing all kinds of residential and commercial roofs – from asphalt shingle to EPDM roofing systems and more.

Common Roofing Problems

The most common problems that require the kind of roof repair Salt Lake City contractors offer include:
  • Leaks and Moisture – Moisture can cause leaks, mold, and rot if left unchecked. Barring visual proof, it is the surest sign that your roof has been compromised due to any of a number of factors including poorly fastened flashing, faulty seams, and the like.
  • Punctures and Penetrations – Punctures in roofing material can be caused by wind, hail, falling objects, and so on. Penetrations are intentional post-installation additions (for HVAC, satellite mounts, etc.) which cause premature problems if precautions are not taken.
  • Ponding – Standing water accumulates on flat roofs due to inadequate drainage, poor maintenance, or a combination of both. The specific causes of this include debris-clogged drains, water diverter failure, and sagging drain pipes. Ponding can also occur after heavy snowfalls, since ice or snow can block drains and cause water buildup.
  • Shrinkage and Blistering – Temperature changes cause shrinkage or blistering (the expansion of trapped gas) in roof membranes. This makes a roof’s uppermost surface more vulnerable to weathering and physical damage.
  • Other common causes of roof damage include poor or faulty installation, the lack of maintenance, overhanging trees, and more.

Why Choose Us

Our more than 35 years of combined experience has made us more familiar with the common roof problems of local homeowners and building managers. This allows us to deliver the kind of roof repair Utah property owners can count to quickly and efficiently restore their roofs. S&S Roofing is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. Don’t let that leak get the best of your roof. Call (801) 462-8371 (Salt Lake City) or (435) 659-2294 (Park City) for the best roof repair Utah has to offer today!